Monday, April 25, 2011

The First One Back Always Blows...

The first day back after vacation is always rough. There's that five day pile of work you have to plow thru, five days worth of work gossip you have to catch up on, and in this case an office I have to vacate (I'm being bumped my a newly assigned member of the service of a high rank). I'm beginning to wonder why I bother unpacking boxes these days. At least I'm only moving about 15 feet this time.

Still, I found time for some blog reading during lunch, obviously some time to blog post and shortly I'll be squeezing some time to read The Dragon #2. Yeah, I could be packing my desk up, but I'll do that tomorrow ;)


  1. Maybe you should read some of my games to relax?

  2. Just downloaded the latest update to Cascade Failure. My problem is, I start jumping ahead to look at all the cool artwork :)

  3. Yeah yeah yeah. Excuses excuses. We all know the truth. You are in RPGnow's pocket! :)


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