Thursday, April 28, 2011

Exciting Times

Lets see. What am I excited about these days in our little corner of the hobby?

(you'll have to find the links either above or to the left, I'm posting from my iPad)

There will be a new module release from Greg Christopher for the Errant RPG - Greg has posted a demo of what it should entail - suffice to say, it is way beyond hyperlinking and should take the electronic adventure format in a whole new direction. Greg, burn that midnite oil and get 'er done!

James Raggi is mailing out the ordered copies for Weird Fantasy Grindhouse Edition and Vornheim - the Finnish Post Office tends to ship to NYC really quickly - hopefully it happens again.

I need to download a copy of Blackmarsh from Bat in the Attic Games. It screams Greyhawk nostalgia to me. That, and Rob always puts out good stuff.

Oh, and I still need to read my newly acquired issue of Sorcerer's Apprentice. This weekend would be a lot of fun if I didn't have to much work to accomplish at the house. ;)


  1. no need for midnight oil. I have just finished the layout. I am going to do a final review tonight with a fresh eye and then I am going to be setting up the file on OneBookShelf. Maybe even by 10pm. Who knows.


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