Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Full Circle

So, I am back to the desk I had in September, sharing an office with my boss. He seems fairly happy about the whole thing. I wish I watched the Sopranos, as he likened me to one of the characters - apparently I have the talent of being unobtrusive during privileged conversations, then offering my (apparently valuable) opinions when asked. Ehh... All things considered I preferred my own office.

I did surprise myself with the amount of game related sticky notes I had accumulated at my old desk. Note so sure I can make the same accomplishment here. Sharing an office has more distractions then running solo. Besides, not much of my game related stickies look like anything vaguely work like ;)


  1. Maybe you should play WoD, then you can have stickies like, "Investigate connection between illegal political donations with arrival of new Ventrue Prince."

    Of course, "Divert seized stolen property to local Hunter cell" might be a little weird.

  2. You should sit awkwardly close to him until he decides you can just have the office to yourself.

  3. @christian - more like "Fix Tix for Ventrue Prince" - we have one hell of a scandal brewing right now in the dept.

    @greg - won't work - rank does have it's privileges, and my only other option right now is the "bullpen" - trust me, that ain't happening ;)


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