Thursday, April 28, 2011

Aqualii Temple from Dark Horse Game Design is Live!

Actually, it's more like released on RPGNow, but since it isn't your usual adventure module, Going LIVE! seemed like more fun :)

Greg has been putting out some excellent stuff for a while and I'm glad that the Aqualii Temple should receive some decent visibility on RPGNow.

I will not be reviewing it, at least not initially.  Read page 2 to figure out why ;)

Nice work lad... now get back to work!  (maybe on a solo adventure - this format may work very well with solos too)


  1. hehehehe

    I have the jitters. I even made a basic grammar mistake in the description which I just now caught. What a day....

  2. Clarification: in the RPGnow description, not the book.


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