Monday, April 25, 2011

Mini Review - Woodland Warriors RPG (Swords & Wizardry)

In case you missed it, Woodland Warriors was released last week on RPGNow.  If you can't guess by the creature on the cover, it's an RPG similar to Redwall (I have that game packed away somewhere) and Harvesters (based on the C&C ruleset).  You get to role play some woodland creatures in a game loosely based on Swords & Wizardry.

Why do I say loosely based?  It's strictly a D6 based game.  Yes, even combat uses a lowly D6.  Don't get me wrong, I'm a big Tunnels & Trolls fan... I like my D6s by the buckets.  Still, its a bit jarring to go into this with a preconceived notion of a D20 based game and come out holding D6s.

Does it work?  From what I can see it should.  You may need to get past measuring distance in "paws" instead of "feet", but it's a cut concession that the kids may enjoy.  Still, most of the mechanics and stats are easy enough to convert back and forth to the Core S&W rules.

Combat may take some getting used to (I had the combat section multiple times to understand the Hit Dice / Combat Dice resolution, and the ability to roll less dice for an "add" to the remaining dice.  I've got a feeling it would have been easier to grasp w/o all the D&D baggage I came in with.

Advancement is limited to 6 levels (limited advancement is also a feature of Harvesters), which is probably enough for younger gamers.  Sometimes, less is more.

Rounding it all out is a sandboxie setting and an adventure to get the party started.  All in all, a very complete package that should work well with younger gamers or an experienced group looking for a change of pace.  Just remember to leave the polyhedrons behind.  All you need are some D6.

From the blurb:

WOODLAND WARRIORS is a fantastic little role playing game suitable for kids and adults alike. It uses the popular Swords & Wizardry Core (with modifications to more closely suit the genre) which itself is based on the original role playing game of medieval fantasy adventure. Fans of any animal-based fiction, comics, fairy tales or cartoon movies will love this game.

Set in the Alder Vale, Stonewell Abbey is a place of learning for the Kind and Murkenhill Fort is a bastion against evil. Players take the role of Mice, Moles, Hedgehogs, Squirrels and Badgers, who must protect their homes against the Verminous Rats and Weasels that pour down from the Murkenhills, intent on pillage and plunder. Danger and adventure awaits - are you brave enough to put your sword to the defence of The Alder Vale?

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  1. I looked at this game on RPGNOW. Looks interesting. My tendency is to buy stuff and adapt it to Dragonquest. Looking at making a fairy-tale version of the game.


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