Sunday, April 3, 2011

Saturday Nite Netflix at the Tavern - Repo, The Genetic Opera

My God, we lasted less then 10 minutes into this horror before we had to tap out.  It was... not sure how nicely I can say this... a flaming pile of putrid piss.  I don't even think a case of beer would have helped us find a redeeming funny in it.  When I need to do some penance for a really huge sin, I'll sentence myself to viewing this piece of crap.

So, of course I had to follow it up with Krod Mandoom.  The lady chuckled a bit before falling asleep.  I think Archer (from last week) might have been a better choice.

I was thinking LotR:  The Fellowship, but at 3 hrs I think she would have enjoyed one hell of a nap.  I love it, but I don't think she'll make it past the 10 minute set up in the beginning.


  1. I once tried to get my wife to watch Fellowship on DVD and she made it to the end of the first disc and asked - quite pointedly - "is there much more of this?" When I told her, she said: "No thanks" and left the room. I haven't tried again :D

  2. Wow, you lasted 10 minutes. I've watched a Japanese Pantomime opera productions of MacBeth sung in Italian that were more coherent and far, far more enjoyable. REPO is really sad.


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