Monday, April 4, 2011

You're Fired!

Whether is Vince McMahon or Donald Trump saying it, "You're Fired" is a horrible thing to hear. When you are the one that has to "dismiss" people, as we call it on my job, it really sucks. I should be old hat at it, but I never enjoy it. I'm sure those on the receiving end like it even less.

I envy those that can make a living of any sort off of what I see as a hobby. No one is going to fire you (tho business may suck at times) and odds are you'll have little if no staff, so you won't have to sit someone down and tell them the 20+ year career they had planned on isn't going to be.

Maybe that is why i enjoy the optimism of the smaller publishers. It's hard to beat their enthusiasm. And if I fire them by no longer buying their products, they still have everyone else ;)

edited "at" to "hat"


  1. You are not old hat at writing "old hat" though. Need to work on that, buddy. :)

    You have a special pain in your ass that Cops have a long career path that might not be the same kind of logic that someone in another industry has. I don't plan on working for my employer for 20 years, for example.

  2. Yeah, cops expect 20 years AND then a second career (if they so desire).

    Sometimes I feel like the Grim Reaper. It much nicer when I get to tell a cop that I'm Restoring him to duty, as opposed to telling them: "The Police Commissioner's decision has come down, and you've been dismissed."

  3. Does it still count as "firing them" when you really want to be able to support small OSR publishers but The Real World demands your funds to the point that you have no idle money to throw their way?

    I really hate being a responsible adult sometimes.

  4. That sounds more like a furlough ;)


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