Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Runnin' Raggi

Does Jim Raggi (LotFP) sleep anymore these days? in addition to having to fix the PDF FUBAR, he's adding yet more stuff from other creators.

Before anyone asks: Yes, I bought the two preorders that Raggi put up for sale last friday. I waited for the PDF issues to be corrected (they were) before giving them a closer look.

It's hard to compare the Grind-house Edition to the original Deluxe Edition, especially while typing away on my iPad, so what follows is my first impressions of the LotFP Weird Fantasy Grind-house Edition.

Artwork: Top notch. Very evocative. At times disturbing. Can't wait to see it in print (this coming from someone who fully embraces electronic media).

Presentation: I suspect Jim took the criticism of the Weird Fantasy Deluxe Edition PDF presentation to heart, as the Grind-house release is much more visually pleasing. Nice use of new fonts and much better lay out from what i can see. Haven't done an in-depth look, but virtual flipping of the pages looked pretty good.

Rules: I need to give them a full read thru, then compare them to the Deluxe. Question? If elves are fighter / wizards, does their combat skills increase as a fighter? I would say yes, but Jim may say no.

I really need to sit down for a few hours and give this nice read. Anyone want to cover my desk until 4 pm? ;)


  1. About the elves, he says "no freakin' way! They're casters", or words to that effect. Only fighters ever get any better at fighting.

  2. Yes, Raggi has done a nice job making Fighters more "special." I can't wait to read the Grindhouse Rules myself!

  3. well, here's why I ask (from the WF Rulebook - GH Edition) page 16

    Player Charaer Elves are those gifted individ uals that are trained as both Fighters and Magic- Users. Elves use the same spell lists and spell progressions as Magic-Users. Full details of an Elf’s magical abilities are detailed in the Magic seion.

    Trained as Fighters (not referred to as Warriors like Dwarves are) and Magic-Users. As written they should get the Fighter's combat bonus.

  4. Elves get the additional combat options (Press, Defensive, greater Parry) but not increasing attack bonuses.

  5. Well, that settles that then ;)


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