Saturday, April 2, 2011

What's With All the Negative Energy?

Think about the size of this hobby.  It ain't all that large anymore, and you can easily argue it's getting smaller.

Think about the size of the OSR within this hobby of ours.  While it may be larger then a pimple on the ass of the 40-something Cougar in the latest Non-Pathfinder supplement, it's still small as all shit.

We don't need negativity.  What we need is naivety.  Really.  No sane indie publisher of OSR related gaming material should even make the attempt to publish without a large dose of it.

To quote the great sage Baloo:  "You've got to accentuate the positive, Eliminate the negative, And latch on to the affirmative, Don't mess with Mister In-Between!"

Give it you all, lads and ladies.  If you bugger it, pick yourself up and try again.  Whether it's in this hobby, or life in general, the only failure is the lack of making the attempt.

Final word of advice:  Beer, Books and Felines don't mix ;)


  1. i must be slipping. is there some recent controversy that i missed out on?

  2. Or, rather nothing to be really concerned with.

    Not trying to slam Tenkar for mentioning anything. :)

    I devoted far too much time to negativity today, and I'd wager with much less to show for it than Tenkar.

    I was chained to my computer all day (the News will be EPIC, tomorrow!) and foolishly let myself get caught up in a silly discussion, with fruitless results.

  3. I just needed an excuse to quote the Great Baloo ;)

    No offense taken James. You sir are a weekly source of positive energy!

  4. I don't want to beat the hornet's nest, but it seems to me like politics is more bitter and divided the smaller a community is. Small town politics, for example, is usually much more cutthroat and personal than in a larger community.

  5. @Greg: I don't think this is about politics. You work with PDF files and thought a technical glitch in someone else's product was funny. James (fairly) called you on it.

    Tenkar's right, though. The last few days have had a lot of 'cranky' in them... Spring is coming.

  6. I have been involved in some severe negativity recently and it's because I think we are bigger than a pimple on a butt (still laughing at that one).

    I was involved in a round that seem to think that we are so small that we can break the rules and no one will notice. I find nothing further from the truth. Whatever you want to call this thing we are involved in it is growing not shrinking.

    I have watched forums for 2 years where many have announced they had given the new shiny its day in court, now it was time to get back to gaming.

    Somehow people think that 'hobby'= smaller than 'industry' when a quick check of the records will show that Dragon magazine had its greatest number of subscribers BEFORE it became an 'industry'.

    Hobby is not a acceptance of diminutive status. It is quite the opposite. It is the wide open spaces, where games are made and played for fun, not moving units and 4th Q earnings reports.

    We just have to remember to keep our house clean and hassle free and there are a few ponies running a little to wild.

    It's starting to remind me of the scene in the remake of DEATHRACE where The Reaper is staggering around going on about 'you just can't kill me' and then...well, if you've seen it you know the rest.

    Here's to getting back on the good foot...speaking of which where is that James Brown cd? Time to get funky...ummm...I mean back to work :)

  7. Hmm. I seem to have missed something. Too bad.


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