Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hey, Who Painted My Hot Elf Chick Green?!?

Pssst!  You say yer looking for a Hot Elf Chick?  Are you sure you ain't looking for a Hot RPG, featuring Elves (and other wacky races)?  It sure is chic!

Look at the links to the left.  The links to the left are good for you.  They are high in fiber and Hot Elf Chicks.  Some even have decent role playing information.

You could even pretend to BE a Hot Elf Chick (guys, please don't try this... it's bad enough when you do it in a MMORPG... I certainly don't think I can handle you pretending to be a Hot Elf Chick at my dining room table.  Gals?  Have at it, it's damn HOT! ;)

(Thanks James... I have now been.... assimilated...)


  1. I used to know a gay male gamer who was always playing Hot Elf Chicks. You get used to it. :)

  2. The OSR heeds no gender limitations, Tenkar!

  3. I never played a hot elf chick, but I played a lady ranger once.

  4. Besides, it's the perfect time to have some fun with The Book of Erotic Fantasy...

  5. I never played a female character, though being in the DM seat 95% of the time, has something to do with that. I'd play a Hot Elf Chick. As long as I knew the DM wouldn't get all disturbed and off my character on purpose. :) Whenever my wife plays a fighter, she plays a Male Character. She acts all butch and stuff...

  6. I allow experienced gamers to role-play opposite gender PCs; however, cross-dressing is discouraged.


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