Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Do You Remember the OSR Kertuffle From a While Back?

You know, when some long term bloggers threw in their towels, and others left the park and took their balls with them? The OSR is still here. The clones / simulacrums have been reproducing like rabbits since then too.

The strength of the OSR lies in its diversity. It's like Baskin Robbins and it's bazillion of flavors - there's an OSR ruleset for everyone's gaming sweet tooth.

The OSR can never die. It can fragment, but that doesn't matter. Even if there is never another product produced for any of the OSR rules out there, the products we already have will last a lifetime.

I am an OSR Blogger, and I approve of this message ;)


  1. To which OSR kerfuffle are you referring? I've lost count. :P

  2. Pornogate would be my guess.

  3. How did I miss something called "Pornogate"?

  4. You mean it stopped? ;)

    No tree is so foolish as to have branches that fight amongst themselves.

    Friction is good for the soul, it keeps the blood moving! Que sera sera...

  5. Yes, I do remember it very well, and I was just saying the other day that I think the OSR in general is better now than it was before it happened. Maybe there was splintering, maybe folks declared camps. I know I learned the true colors of some folks (as far as blog comments can possibly reveal that), and now can more readily ignore them and so I spend more time reading the stuff I like.

  6. I remember pornogate. It was hilarious.

  7. "Took their balls with them", sorry had a 8 year-old moment. Porngate, that was the one with Jenna Jameson and some guy dressed up like Clinton right? Guess I wasn't done having my moment. Seriously though, that's how serious I took the whole argument.


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