Thursday, March 10, 2011

What to do When the Game is Put on Hold

The C&C game I play in monthly via Fantasy Grounds is being put on hold after the next session, tentatively scheduled for 3/19. The last time this game was put on hold, it was off for over half a year, and the sessions went from weekly to monthly - we also lost a good chunk of the party.

So, I either need to find myself a new game to play in (if it's on a weekend no more often then once every two weeks) or I need to get my T&T game off the ground, or even both.

I've been lucky in that both groups that I've played with using Fantasy Grounds as my VTT have been very good. One knuckle headed playing in 3 years... "knock on wood" ;)

Of course, one could also see this as even less of an excuse to put off the renovations around the house that I can do on my own, or with a little help.

Still, I'd rather be gaming ;)


  1. This very same thing happened to our group! We had to cancel/put the game on hold because of driver issues, work issues and am myriad of other issues. The other bi weekly Tuesday game almost had the same thing happen but the group decided to go ahead and start playing one shots and board games. Our first session of the new format change went well. http://armchairgeneral1.blogspot.com/2011/03/tuesday-game-night-format-change.html Maybe you can do something like that?

  2. As an aside, if you were in Jax,Fl you could come join us.

  3. @AMC - If I was closer I would take you up in the offer. ;)


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