Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Nite Movie at the Tavern - Shutter Island

I was pleasantly surprised by this movie.  Even tho I annoyed the crap outta my girl by calling out lines just before they were said (sorry, to me they were obvious), the twist at the end was pretty good.  I literally didn't see it coming, but upon mental review, the hints were there.  Heck, I liked it despite Leonardo ;)

Lot's of stuff steal-able for a CoC type of game.  Heck, adding the Old Ones to this would have been a twist within a twist.

Topping it off with Survivorman in the Amazon.  It's a good nite.


  1. Decaprio being eaten by a Yig? NOw you're talking!

  2. You called it exactly even the DiCaprio bit, good movie.

  3. Haven't seen it so I can't comment but I can say, Happy Weekend. Hope you had some good popcorn to go with the movie.



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