Sunday, February 13, 2011

Spartacus: Gods of the Arena - Round 2

Anyhow, I told my girl / woman / she who will soon control the discretionary spending - about my experience last week watching the first episode of Spartacus.  She decided she wanted to see what I was talking about.  Not wanting to re-watch the first episode, we started up the second episode (I filled her in on who pissed on who - etc).

Thankfully it wasn't AS graphic as the first episode.  I'm no prude, but throwing the sex scenes in for "historical accuracy" is a load of bull.

Thankfully, this episode was more story, less gory.  We may continue with the series.  As my girl said: "hey!  they put a penis in this episode - cool!  Finally some equality."  Me, I'm enjoying it for the combat scenes mostly.

At least it wasn't as painful to watch as the first episode of Conan which we had watched just prior to Spartacus.  The pain!  heh


  1. I've been trying to make my way through Conan the Adventurer for months. It is painful, and I'm not sure why I continue.

  2. Spartacus Blood and Boobs has a pretty good soap-opera quality going for it but there is an awful lot of sex along with the violence. The naughty business that isn't about killing people gets pretty heavy play. It definitely isn't for the kids or grandparents (well, at least not my grandparents).

  3. The story is quite good in Spartacus even as they go over the top on the sex and violence. The picked the right number of episodes to tell it. Not too short not too long.

  4. Gods of the Arena seems to be going out of its way to include some horrible sex scene in each episode. I'm not sure if this is done to show that the gladiator battles are the most humane part of the story. The stories and personal relationships are interesting and cool, but I am getting a little tired of the gory sex scenes.


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