Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Castle Keeper's Guide for Castles & Crusades Released on RPGNow

Holy Crap, this thing is huge.  The PDF is 292 pages long.  It will take me a long time to get thru this to even attempt a review.  Most likely I'll have to review it in sections.

It's almost mythical in nature, as the Castle Keeper's Guide has been talked about pretty much since the release of the C&C Player's Handbook back in 2004.

At first glance (and only the first 40 pages or so) it reminds me a bit of Unearthed Arcana for AD&D, but that isn't accurate really.  It's more a feel then reality.  This seems like so much more.  Options.  Options.  Options.

Damn, sensory overload ;)

From the blurb:

The long awaited arrival of the CKG is finally here!
Rule Book, 280+ pages
Alea Iacta Est - The die is cast!

Upon Foundations of Stone
Beneath the walls and towers of adventure, beneath the ground upon which the adventurer treads, lies the foundation. It is that which holds the construct, which drives the challenges, which brings the flavor of a world’s imaginings to light. It is the maelstrom of creation through whose eye the game of heroic chance plays out.

What Lies Within
The Castle Keeper’s Guide includes a host of new material for the role playing enthusiast. From world creation, to dungeon designs, managing non-player characters, character attributes at high levels, spell use and cost, equipment its use and wastage, the tumult of storms, from warfare to combat, monsters, treasure, death and more. The Castle Keeper’s Guide provides the CK and the Player with a host of new tools for their use; tools designed to enhance play, not hinder it; designed to be malleable from gaming table to gaming table.

A sample of what you will find in the CKG:
  • Alternative methods of attribute generation
  • The featured classes expanded to the 24th level
  • Equipment: outfitting for a setting, saving throws, usage, costs
  • Expansion on the Magic with components, spell costs, holy symbols, water, and more
  • The NPC: how to run them, hire them, loyalty and more
  • Monsters and Magic as NPCs
  • The Crusade in the future: guns, canon and more
  • The World Above: over view of outdoor campaigns
  • The World Below: over view of underground campaigns
  • The Characters, gaining levels, land and more treasure
  • The Siege Engine, breaking it down for your table
  • Character death. The end should not be the end
And so very much more . . . .

The CKG is the perfect expansion to everyone’s table.


  1. 31.99 USD for a PDF? Seriously?!?

    I wish the Chenault brothers all the best. But I'm afraid that this is 5 years too late for me.

  2. I'm in the same boat. C&C was a strong game in the beginning but, it became plagued by what I saw as blunders and mistakes.


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