Thursday, December 9, 2010

Random Thoughts Randomly Placed

As handy as i find the chicklet style keyboard for the iPad it seems to be a crumb magnet. No idea why. Annoying tho.

This Saturday Nite is C&C nite. Time to get my monthly gaming in. Which means all shopping has to wrap up by 7pm, holidays be damned ;)

Did i mention I enjoy giving stuff away? The act of giving away something someone else will enjoy is very rewarding unto itself.

Ever notice that stupid people stay stupid over the long run? And when I say stupid, I mean in the common sense sort of way.

Just over 2 weeks to Christmas, just over a week until I get a nice week off from work and 7 days until my sister's due date. Uncle-time, here I come :) Finally, a chance to spoil a child that is not my own... heh

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