Tuesday, November 30, 2010

You Know You've Made It...

When you get hit with UBER blog spam. Talk about a fishing expedition!

I'm sorry, but if you want to guest post on my blog, have some vague idea of the topics I post on, because apparently Elizabeth is fairly clueless.

Still, maybe they'll get a few curious hits from this... I checked out the dog last nite... it wasn't my cup of tea. Besides, the only beer drinker in the bunch drinks Stella... ewwww ;)

Dear Tenkar,

My name is Elizabeth, the assistant editor at My Dog Ate My Blog, http://www.mydogatemyblog.com. We have been blogging about politics, education, and technology for a few months now and we think it is about time to start reaching out to other passionate people.

I would love to have one of our bloggers write a guest post for tenkarstavern.com. If you have any topic or style guidelines for guest posts, please send them my way.

I am looking forward to talking with you more.


Elizabeth Greene
Assistant to the Editor - My Dog Ate My Blog
Follow us @DogAteBlog

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  1. This is the email i sent last nite:

    I understand that this is a random fishing attempt, but do you actually read the blogs you email?

    I don't know which post of mine you read (as you don't indicate any, I'll assume NONE), but in thefuture it might help if you did so. Having an idea about what the blog you would like to post on isactually about would probably help you.

    Politics? Nope

    Education? No unless I'm bitchin' about my son's report card

    Technology? Unless it has to do with table top gaming, it probably isnt highlighted on my site.

    As you say on your site: Our writers and contributors will be focusing on the categories of politics,technology, and pop culture, with an (almost) educational spin. If those topics don’t sound appealing to you, well, we’re at a loss. You are officially on the wrong blog. Fail.

    I think you are fishing at the wrong site.

    Al the best,

  2. I commend you, sir. You said to her in several words what I would have said in two.

    Of course, my two words would have included #$%#@ *^&%$ !!$@&* and #@$%^!


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