Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Adamant Entertainment PDFs for a Buck Each at RPGNow

Somehow this escaped my attention earlier, but for the next 4 days Adamant Entertainment has their entire PDF product line on sale for a buck each at RPGnow (they are also giving an Amazon Kindle away to a random customer, but that's not the point.)
Here's the point:

Icons for a buck. (here's the rest of the Icons goodies)

The Imperial Age: True20 Edition - a buck

Mars: Savage Worlds Edition - yet another buck

I better not forget Thrilling Tales, which I picked up with their last Dollar Sale
I've got a few bucks to spend, I'm sure I'll find a few others that's I'll enjoy and can steal ideas from.


  1. Thanks for the head's up! I went ahead and picked up the SW Mars and Thrilling Tales PDF's. For a buck apiece, I couldn't resist!:)

  2. Somehow I overlooked this since last friday. You can't beat the price, even if you just use it for reference material.

  3. Yup! I'm reading a Princess of Mars right now, so I kinda have Swords & Planet on my mind. And Thrilling Tales has the cover from the old Justice Inc. game, which my uncle used to have but we never got to play it.

  4. OOOH good deals all. Thanks for the info!


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