Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Latest Brew

When I used to DM in college I had a pretty strict "No Booze" rule at the table.  It's not that I didn't drink, I just found it to be distracting at the gaming table - roleplaying was serious business!

Skip ahead 20 years and I find myself home brewing (beer, not adventures), using Sodastream for my sodas and now I am a proud owner of a Tassimo Coffee / Tea brewer.  Yeah, my gadget geekiness has extended to my beverages in my middle age.  The thing is, I don't drink coffee - it's tea for me.  My teenage son drinks his milk with coffee and my lady likes lattes.  I could have 3 machines or 1, and at least this way I can offer guests a selection of hot beverages.  So, I'm counting this as my Christmas gift to myself.  My first brew was an Earl Grey (just like Piccard) and now I'm sipping an herbal.

The kid's already in bed, so unless I find a pair of headphones I won't be watching any Black Adder tonight... I'll have to watch TWO episodes tomorrow ;)


  1. Yeah, I've seen games slow down and lose momentum when people imbibe. I might have a beer or two but limit myself. Only one other guy in the group drinks beer while gaming and I'd hate to let him drink alone :)

  2. I find everyone suddenly sounds like pirates or dwarves as soon as the alchol comes out (Regardless if their background.) So, it gets limited but drinking alone is indeed a sad thing.

    Trollsmyth had a great post on "all out of bubblegum." and really to me that sounds like the perfect opportunity to test out a drinking game using shots or beers instead.~


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