Sunday, November 28, 2010

I Survived Thanksgiving Weekend Shopping...

and all I have for myself are a handful of 2 dollar DVD's from Walmart.  Hmmm... they are a good batch tho:

All 3 Lord of the Rings Movies (widescreen) - yes, I already own the collector's editions, but for 2 bucks a pop I'll grab the originals

A crapload of DC Universe Animated Movies:
-Batman - Gotham Knight
-Batman - Under the Red Hood
-Superman / Batman - Public Enemies
-Superman - Doomsday
-Green Lantern - First Flight

Halo Legends - Animated

Alright, I didn't do bad for myself, and I think I've convinced the lady that I NEED the Alienware x-11 Netbook for Christmas, which is good - I convinced myself that my son needed it too ;)


  1. My wife picked up all the DC movies. :)

  2. You have yourself a damn good woman ;)

  3. Very cool. I need help convincing TheDude that I need a MacBook Air. I don't know how well it will go over, though.

  4. I looked at the macbook air, but my macbook serves the same purpose. for portability i use the ipad. the gaming capable netbook is a different kettle of fish... and the price is about half of what i would spec a macbook air


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