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Monday, November 10, 2014

Lloyd Metcalf is Taking Preorders on His Line of Mini Mod Adventures (OSRIC)

If you missed +Lloyd Metcalf 's Kickstarter for his Mini Mods for OSRIC (as I apparently did) he is now taking preorders for the line that will ship after the Kickstarter orders are fulfilled.

At $6.50 a piece, they are bargains.

Oh, and Roadside Respite (MM4) is also $6.50. The first 50 are signed and numbered - 10 left as I write this.

Lloyd is also selling some original artwork. I picked up my pieces at NTRPGCon in June, but his oils are damn tempting.

Yes, I just grabbed MM1-4.

They'll be put to good use, I am sure ;)

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for point this stuff out to all of us! I grabbed MM1-4 and the pen and ink Dragon Rider illustration. The mini-mods look great and I really like the Dragon Rider art and had to grab it.


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