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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Castles & Crusades - The Other "White Box"

I had forgotten I had the Castles & Crusades Collector's Edition, otherwise known as the C&C White Box.

I guess I should do a "White Box Comparison" post or series of posts at some point. Original Dungeons & Dragons, Swords & Wizardry White Box, Delving Deeper and the Castles & Crusades Collector's Edition.

It is kinda neat with just the 4 core classes, 10 levels and 4 races. A whole game in just one box.


  1. You have a MAc? Aw damn, I just lost all respect for you.

    1. I can bootcamp to Win7 when needed

      I just prefer the mac OS for what I do with it, and the boot time blows away WinDoze ;)

    2. I do all my RPG composition on an Android smartphone. Kind of tedious, but I soldier on.

  2. Don't forget the AFG whitebox! (Actually it's just a LE for the Chthonic Codex).
    I'd love to see such a comparison, I own the OD&D whitebox reprint and S&W, but not Castles & Crusades (not for a lack of desire, though).

  3. Have all those save the OD&D Box set. One other for your consideration is Labyrinth Lord Original Edition Characters. OEC along with OD&D, S&W:WB, C&C:WB and Delving Deeper make up the Pentad of Old School Gaming (IMHO)

  4. I don't own the boxed set, but the core books were riddled with errors - whole paragraphs missing, many misspellings. The system worked fine, however. We ran a nine month campaign using it.

  5. Worth noting that, while in itself a tribute, it was also a 'proof of concept' the fully developed in the the C&C game (the Players Handbook and the Monsters & Treasure book about a year or so later).


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