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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

As I Post This - Two Backers Away From FREE "Swords & Wizardry Complete" For All - Forever

As I've mentioned earlier, once The Lost Lands: Swords of Air Kickstarter hits 400 backers, Swords & Wizardry Complete will go completely free in PDF format. Currently my OSR ruleset of choice, this is a great gift back to the community by +Matt Finch and Frog God Games.

With 10 days left to the Kickstarter, I think it's more than a given the number will be hit and surpassed. I suspect the free S&W Complete offer won't take place until AFTER the Kickstarter has completed funding, as you haven't locked anyone in until the funding part comes to an end.

Still, a very nice gift to the gaming community at large should be coming our way fairly soon.

(We'll, I already have my copies in HC and PDF, but for the rest of you out there, this will soon be free)


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