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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Against the Slave Lords - Good Fit for the DCC RPG?

It's been ages since I read any of the A series of modules, even though A1 (along with G 1-3) were the first actual (A)D&D adventures I even owned.

I received Against the Slave Lords for my recent birthday and was wondering if it would make a good for for the DCC RPG.

A1 should fit well if I recall correctly.

Damn, more goodies to read :)

Any ideas on how well the rest of the series would fit the DCC RPG?


  1. I think storyline wise it would be really good for DCC. The most work would be adjusting treasure/magic items and monsters encountered.

    I really like that new compilation though.

  2. Were you planning to use it after the funnel, or at higher levels?

    Is the WotC's new adventure any good?