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Sunday, July 21, 2013

I Went Looking for DCC 66.5 and Found It and Other Free DCC RPG Goodies at Goodman Games!

I have this in print, but the PDF makes using it with Roll20 a breeze!
Back in April, Goodman Games was offering DCC 66.5 Doom of the Savage Kings and the Free RPG Day 2012 release for free in PDF. I posted about it but forgot to download a copy of DCC 66.5 for myself (I have a print copy, but PDF is a Godsend when working with Rol20). I had trouble finding it online before stumbling across it in the Goodman Games download directory.

Well, that and other goodies, such as a form fillable DCC RPG character sheet. I think my players might need this.  Damn it! 4e not DCC RPG! Wait, class specific DCC RPG sheets, but alas, not form fillable...

They DON'T need a copy of DCC 66.5 - at least not yet ;)

Ohhh... full color map of Punjar, the default city in DCC, Nice!

Fun stuff is more fun when it's free :)

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