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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Is XotX Preparing to Release the PDF Hoards at XXXXxx?

I just got a crapload of notifications from XXXXxx for XotX legacy products. The links don't work, but if  / when they did / do, it could be fun:

2e - xxxxx xxxxx Sourcebook xxxx

2e - xxxxx of the xxxxx: xxxxx

2e - xxxxx of the xxxxx: xxxxxx

1e - xxxx and xxxx

and a bunch of 4e stuff that I really couldn't care much about, but if folks really want to know, its stuff like xxxxx, xxxxxx, the xxxx and xxxx Vol 1 Annuals, xxxx on the xxxxxx and the like.

The 4e stuff is post XotX PDF purge (at least I think it is) so this may be some very good news of things to come.

(Shout out to +James Raggi for suggesting I check my mail ;)

(edited to remove specifics, because apparently someone buggered on their end ;)


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