Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Kickstarter - Pirates of the Goblin River (DCC RPG)

Legends of Lohre folklore-based roleplay for DCC delivers its most action-packed adventure module yet with Pirates of the Goblin River.

I'm a huge fan of DCC RPG adventures, from Goodman Games and third parties, even more so than the system itself. Legends of Lohre is a DCC RPG adventure, 5 bucks in PDF and 12 bucks in print plus PDF, and the adventure path would work well for a more traditional OSR-style system.

What are you backing? An independent DCC-compatible adventure module featuring tons of art from Stefan Poag, William McAusland, Alexander Moore and Brett Hess, inspired by Beowulf, The Odyssey, Treasure Island, and the tradition of nautical adventure stories. It's the third module in a five-part adventure path that emphasizes roleplay and character development, A Tale of Two Sisters. The adventure path tells the tale of villagers rising to become folk heroes, a saga PCs are at the center of, with NPCs and the setting evolving around them. 

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