Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Kickstarter - Massacre Grounds (Weird Frontiers/DCC)

As always, full disclosure. I met Matt (the project creator) this past June at NTRPG Con. Aside from both of us being retired LEOs, we obviously shared our passion for RPGs. Matt talked about his upcoming adventure for Weird Frontiers (Massacre Grounds) and it sounded like a blast. So, here we are :)

Matt's Kickstarter is Massacred Grounds for Weird Frontiers (for those that don't know, Weird Frontiers is a Weird West Genre RPG power by the DCC RPG engine). Massacre Grounds is a funnel (God, I love DCC funnels way more than I should) for about a dozen zero-level PCs, so essentially 3 to 6 players if you do the math ;)

The Pitch: The story is a combination of local Arizona history and campfire stories from my own life experiences. In the cowboy way, I have added my own tall tales and a healthy amount of new content for the Weird Frontiers Core Rulebook. Players will interact with NPCs that are some of the colorful characters from my life and characters that are based on the history surrounding the Superstition Mountains of Arizona. PCs will also visit historical locations that surround the mountains.

In the new class, PCs will ride bears, mountain lions, or wolves. Each animal has its own characteristics. The chapáya rider class is compatible with other Weird Frontiers adventures. It can easily be converted for use with DCC (Dungeon Crawl Classics) and MCC (Mutant Crawl Classics) adventures.

The new monsters are based on the effect the Seven Days of Night had on the Arizona Territory. Cholla cactuses are dangerous in the Arizona Desert, but the new rattlesnake cholla is flat out deadly. I added a lot of normal critters that are found locally. Since you are playing Weird Frontiers, I added the un-dead versions of many animals as well.

PDFs for Massacre Grounds are 10 bucks, PDF + Print is 15 (plus 4 for the POPD on the DTRPG side) and 50 bucks gets you all the above and an online game with the author. Limited slots for the last, so if it interests you, don't wait too long!

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