Friday, July 5, 2024

Deal of the Day - Downtime in Zyan (OSR Adventure)

Today's Deal of the Day is Downtime in Zyan by Ben Laurance. Normally 7.50 in PDF, but until tomorrow morning Downtime in Zyan is on sale for 3 bucks.

Downtime in Zyan presents a system for downtime, the activities characters engage in between adventures. The mole rat people of Wishery will be your guides to this enchanting subject. Brought to life by the whimsical art of Evlyn Moreau, the mole rats will show you how to transform the neglected space between adventures into a site where player-driven schemes and dreams grow with delightful results. The unified but flexible system of downtime procedures presented in this zine allows players to leave a lasting mark on the campaign world beginning at the end of their very first adventure. The zine presents flavorful but simple rules for building institutions, cultivating relationships, crafting splendid items, gathering intelligence, mastering martial techniques, researching obscure topics, engaging in wild revelries, plumbing the perilous depths of spellcraft, mastering skills, and seeking enlightenment through spiritual exercises. Supercharge your sandbox campaign with this elegant and innovative supplement! 

Downtime in Zyan is system agnostic. But it is written with older editions of Dungeons & Dragons, their retro-clones (such as Old School Essentials), and other rules lite OSR systems in mind. 

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