Sunday, June 30, 2024

Awesome to See one Convention Actively Supporting Another!

Awesome to See one Convention Actively Supporting Another!
I'm regularly amazed at just how awesome our RPG community can be. We have some great people, some of which actively try to come off as assholes, but that's a discussion for another day. I can think of one guy who kind of is an asshole, but also a good guy....just don't be a fanboy grognard or a psuedo-intellectual rules-lawyer....

...anyway, again something for another day or for shit-talking at the bar after-hours at a con.

Speaking of cons, (and this wasn't an intentional bad attempt at a transition) I've stopped going to the big cons (Origins & GenCon) and made North Texas RPG Con my "home" convention. Already stocking up for next year's event (more than halfway there as far as whiskey aquisition) but I decided to branch out a bit and attend Long Con again. We're 129 days out from that convention and I did go once, but it was a bit of a drive. It's only five hours, but the one time I went it felt a LOT longer. Not something I'm looking forward to, but will just have to suck it up....

....unless I decide to get on the NTRPG party bus! Wait, what? Yep, NTRPG is helping support Long Con by making it easier for people to attend. How cool is that?!

From Facebook: "NTRPGCON will be sponsoring the NTX Express from Dallas to Longview for LongCon this year. We are leasing a 60 passenger bus with WiFi and BYOB party favors. Anyone flying into Dallas is welcome aboard. We will be departing from the Westin Hotel in Irving. The Westin has also agreed to let anyone who wants to park there, from our group, park for free. More details to come as we have them."

I have to assume this bus won't work out for me because of timing, or if I need/have to stay at a Marriott to maintain my status (it's important to me), but I have at least few days out of the 129 remaining to get that figured out.

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