Monday, July 1, 2024

Kickstarter - Arduin Fantasy Map Art Collection

First, it's time to get the disclaimers out of the way. I've known George & Dave at Emperors Choice for a few years. I talk with George on the phone about once a month on average (Dave slightly less). These guys are passionate about Arduin and the legacy that they are stewards of. If only the D&D IP had such individuals steering that ship, it wouldn't be as off-course as it is. But I digress.

Last week Emperors Choice sent me copies of everything in the Kickstarter (except for the new mailing tube - it wasn't in stock yet). Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING was packed with precision and care. I need to find time to take some photos of it all - hopefully in time for this week's Talking Crit Live! on Wednesday Night, when George & Dave will be joining us for the live stream.

New Arduin Mailing Tube

So, what can I say about the Arduin Fantasy Map Art Collection Kickstarter? This is high-quality stuff. No slight intended to DriveThru's POD maps as they do their job as intended, but the quality of the paper (parchment-like) of the Arduin maps is second to none. You WILL be tempted to get these professionally framed. As for the art prints? They literally scream Arduin, and also are worthy of framing. The map index makes me want to sit on the floor with the map and check the hexes, but my back won't allow that, and tables apparently need to be used for meals and such. Trust me, I'm working on it :)

Everything exists and is completed and printed. This isn't a Kickstarter on a wish and a prayer. These are high-quality maps and prints that will look amazing framed - but the maps probably want to get used at the table. You know, you might actually want two sets...

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