Monday, March 25, 2024

Kickstarter - The Complete Virgin Mine AD&D/5E Mega-Dungeon!

I've been following Art of the Genre for years now. Scott's work is always high-end, and the artists he secures for the covers are second to none. His orange spin releases fit nicely with the orange spin AD&D 1e books.

The Complete Virgin Mine is Scott's latest Kickstarter and is a compilation of seven parts initially released as soft-cover adventures (Folios), brought under one hardcover, orange-spined book. Or snag the individual releases - but then you won't have the orange spine...

I really need to organize my 1e collection/Folio Hardcovers to get that full "orange shelf" look ;)

The Complete Virgin Mine is a 7 part mega-dungeon with another series of rooms in the higher levels that feature access to 'the shadow realm' in which even more monsters can be encountered!  It is a project that is four years in the making, and has taken on a 'life of its own', much like that original Roslof Keep campaign (see below). As this project compiles 6 Folio adventure modules (#26-#31) and 5 mini-adventures, and a bonus 'boss monster' encounter for the final endgame (is the book cover giving anything away?) I thought it was important to offer the first five modules in both physical and PDF format, AND also produce Folio #31, The Dungeon of Death, which can also funded ONLY in this Kickstarter (for all you looking to keep your Folio collection complete!). 


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