Thursday, March 28, 2024

Kickstarter - Cthulhu Crisis Comic & Monsters! Monsters! RPG Adventures

A Fantasy Comic Saga which includes Role-Playing Game adventures for use with Ken St. Andre's Monsters! Monsters! RPG.

I'm a huge Tunnels & Trolls and Monsters! Monsters! fan. The system works extremely well for solos, one on one, and small group sessions and campaigns. The Cthulhu Crisis Comic & Monsters! Monsters! RPG Adventures Kickstarter is a "must-back" for me.

What's in this Kickstarter:  As many of you know, we like to try new ways of creating stories and adventures; this time we have something very special! Tunnels & Trolls/M!M! creator Ken St. Andre, comic/gaming artist Steven Crompton, and wrestling promoter Chris Perguidi have joined forces to create Five combined comic and rpg adventures that can be read like a comic and used for running rpg adventures with the Monsters! Monsters! role-playing game. One of the 5 books is a solitaire adventure written by Ken St Andre specially designed to be part of the storyline of the comics. The 5th book is a new rules supplement Humans! Humans! that gives more detail on running human characters using the M!M! rules system. We're not sure a project like this has ever been done before! (Certainly it hasn't with any of Ken St Andre's rpgs). We'll also have a new set of standees and a miniatures map that will use characters and locations from the comics - plus some other surprises, including a pledge level that will allow you to own an ORIGINAL hand-drawn piece of art from Steve Crompton's archive! 

You can you can pledge for these 5 books in various combinations some of which include the exclusive Humans! Humans! RPG supplement and other rpg related items. 

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