Saturday, March 30, 2024

Kickstarter - Last Stop, Perdition! (Weird Frontiers/DCC)

An exciting new adventure for the Weird Frontiers RPG, also compatible with the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG.

I'm a huge fan of David Baitey's Weird Frontiers DCC RPG-powered weird west game/tome. I believe the book is even larger than the DCC RPG rulebook, but David nailed it. I got to play in a Weird Frontiers scenario at Shire Con and Rach and I, and the rest of the table, had a blast. I just have no inkling as to how to WRITE a Weird Frontiers adventure.

With Last Stop, Perdition! I'll have a 50-ish page 1st-level adventure to run for my regular gaming group. Win-win if you ask me.

This Kickstarter goes to fund a PDF and POD (print on demand) run of the module Last Stop, Perdition!, written by Steve Bean. This will be a 50 page level 1 adventure for Weird Frontiers and is compatible with DCC and includes a new character class, fantastic interior art by Marcin S, Christopher Torres, and Zohn D, cartography by Davin Kluttz, and a cover by Steve Kane. When we make the base level of funding ($8k) a PDF and POD version of the module will be available as well as a few levels that offer original art. PDFs and PODs will be delivered through Drivethru RPG, and with the PODS, the backers will need to pay the print cost of the book (about $3 at the time of this going live) as well as shipping. If we make the $10K threshold, everyone that backs at the Hero of the Weird West level (the Print and PDF level) and above will receive a traditionally printed module instead of a POD. At this level, shipping will be charged through Pledgemanager, but there will be no additional charge for the printing of the book. If we meet our last stretchgoal of $12K, a second full module will be included in both the PDF and print versions! This second module is called Mountain Devils of Muddy Creek and was written by Lee Neilson.

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