Friday, September 15, 2023

Kickstarter - Macuahuitl - Whitebox Roleplaying in the Aztec Empire

Old-School Whitebox Roleplaying in the Ancient Aztec Empire

When you mix White Box gaming with my love of history, from any and all eras and locals, you likely have a winner in my eyes. The Macuahuitl - Whitebox Roleplaying in the Aztec Empire Kickstarter scratches an itch I never knew I had, roleplaying in the era of the Aztecs.

The Macuahuitl is 10 bucks in PDF, 12 bucks for POD plus PDF, and 32 bucks for offset print plus PDF.

It is the age of the 5th sun. The Mexica (Me-Shee-Ka) people settled and conquered the valley of Mexico. The grand city of Tenochtitlan is feared throughout the valley. The Tlaxcala Confederacy and other kingdoms and cities resist the might of the Aztecs, but for how long?

Macuahuitl is an old-school game using modified Whitebox rules to allow for gritty sword and sorcery adventuring in the age of the Aztec Empire (prior to the Spanish conquest) during the rise of the Triple City Alliance. Players will roll up characters and select a class from iconic warrior societies from within the empire. As a group, they must survive not just the human foes of the Mexica, but the supernatural forces hailing from the 13 heavens that lurk in the wilderness as well.

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