Sunday, September 10, 2023

New FLGS: TableTop Game and Hobby in Overland Park (Kansas City)

New FLGS: TableTop Game and Hobby in Overland Park (Kansas City)
Today I really feel like phoning it in.....

....I had a bunch of use-or-lose vacation that expired on the 8th. I went to the family farm in Iowa to do mostly nothing. I've got some health issues that make the 12 hour drive problematic, but 6 hours is very doable (actually I can do 12, if I take a good 16 hours to do it!). Luckily for me, Kansas City is s little over halfway to the farm and that's potentially good for my gaming.

Kansas City has a Micro Center and this time around I got a whole slew of new computer parts to do a massive upgrade to my file server. It is long overdue and  since I store my RPG files on there, along with my 3D printing files, having that work...better, is always good. Among my upgrades though is a 8GB video card (I was getting along fine with an old 2GB card...) so now that same computer can also run my old computer game emulators.

When I'm not able to sling dice, playing some old-school  MAME or PC games.....well, at least it's a game.

I'm not conceited enough to think any readers here at the Tavern could care that much about my vacation or the potential (some assembly required) new computer, except Steve (Shout to Steve...Hi Steve!). Something that might be of interest though, especially if you get the chance to stop in Kansas City, is the most excellent TableTop Game and Hobby. It's a large, eat-off-the-floor clean place with a wide selection of board games, RPGs, and war gaming. It's connected to the Cardboard Corner Cafe which is a cool coffee shop where you can game.

Honestly it is one of the nicest game stores I've ever seen. I travel a lot for work (past & present) and I've seen a metric butt-ton of game stores and TableTop Game and Hobby is the nicest I've seen. There have been some other pretty good ones, but nothing comes so close as this shop. If you're passing through I suggest scheduling a break/stop to check it out.

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  1. "Today I really feel like phoning it in..."

    I've had several big announcements over the last few days.


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