Sunday, September 17, 2023

Don't Mind Me, I'll Be Over Here Playing with Myself (Yes, you heard that right...but SFW)


Don't Mind Me, I'll Be Over Here Playing with Myself (Yes, you heard that right...but SFW)
My Kickstarter history has been quite varied and *most* have been successful, but I'll admit there seems to be an inverse relationship between the expense of a Kickstarter and fulfillment.

Looking at you Kenny!

A couple of years ago I helped fund an interesting RPG game that had it's normal COVID delays, problems with production (as in actual printing and assembly) and I think I spent close to $200 after shipping for this thing. Luckily the creator was actually good at communication and I figured I'd get it when I get it..,,or not. At the $140ish price-point and my particular history I knew I was gambling a bit.

Look at the size of this box!
I actually got this HUGE box for the League of Dungeoneers game earlier this summer, but I had put off opening it until today, mostly because I was afraid of losing something from this massive TTRPG.


Seriously, this thing was shrink-wrapped over a nit-actually closed box because there was just too much add-on stuff inside. I think was close to throwing out my back carrying this around for pictures (22 pounds or so)! To show the scale I've put my KenzerCo Dwarven mini and my two Gamescience D30's on the box for scale.

That's the top view, but it gets even more ridiculous when you see the side view.....I'm not kidding when I said the box doesn't close.

So much stuff the box can't close!
Good thing is that after they shrunk-wrapped it it was covered with custom-fit foam and placed in a perfectly sized heavy cardboard box. They did not skimp on packaging and I'm grateful.

The reason I was willing to risk a couple Benjamins and wait a couple of years for this game is because it's a solo/co-op game for up to four players.....it's a TTRPG that doesn't have a GM!

There are rules for how the monsters work and IIRC there is some randomness worked in such that you can't easily cheat the system (assuming you're playing by the rules...anybody can just straight-up cheat) when running the bad guys. 

Organization will be key!

As expected there is a load of internal components and I'm actually a little overwhelmed by so much stuff. One of the coolest things about this game, and I'm 110% certain it factored into my purchase decision, is that a lot of the "stuff" in the box could be used for other games. There's a couple of maps (one is a neoprene placemat of sorts) a ton of tokens, and a bunch of nice, thick cardboard room/map tiles. I think I'll have to pull the plastic doors from the box to close it for storage, but no biggie.

This seems to be such a cool game I'm seriously considering bringing it to NTRPG and running a couple of sessions. If I do that I'd take the place of the player's DM/GM actions so four people couple just play and not have to worry about knowing the rules at first.

1-4 players......oh boy do I look forward to League of Dungeoneers (company website). The only thing I'm missing, and will most certainly pick up, is the PDF of the rulebook.


  1. "it's a TTRPG that doesn't have a GM!"

    If you're interested in that kind of thing, there's a pretty decent amount of Solo games out there. Ironsworn or Starforged are probably the gold standard, and then you have things like Mythic Game Master Emulator as an add-on to play any TTRPG without a GM. And that's just scratching the surface.

  2. This looks amazing, Chris. Looking forward to giving it a try at NTRPG, or maybe the next time you're down in Dallas?


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