Friday, September 15, 2023

Free OSR Material - City of Shiran - Harn

I've been a fan of Harn since I first found the original World release of Harn back in the 80s. So detailed, so realistic. Almost too much so for my players, LOL. Now, you can sample some Harn for free.

City of Shiran is a full-sized Harn release detailing a small city. You can use it as it is, or pull out elements that you want for your own urban environment. Besides, the price is right - it's free!

Shiran is Hârn’s smallest city. Located on the north bank of the Thard River near Lake Benath, it is the second-largest settlement in the Thardic Republic and capital of Shiran Province, one of six in the Republic. Shiran is one of the Republic’s economic and cultural centers. The city has a reputation for corruption and hedonism and is known throughout Hârn as the “City of Sins.”

Shiran offers game masters many opportunities as the site of urban intrigue and adventure.

The Shiran article contains an overview of the city's history, economics, religion, government, and military forces. In addition to a full-page color player map, color GM maps are provided for each district of the city and more than 125 locations are described. Color floor plans and detailed descriptions are included for the Pamesani Arena, site of gladiatorial games and depraved spectacles; the Crimson Palace, Hârn's most famous house of courtesans; and the Temple of Halea, the Empress of Opulence and Queen of Pleasures.

Some material in this article was originally published in Cities of Hârn (1983) and Son of Cities (1987). The article has been greatly expanded and organized to allow for future expansion of new plans and sites within the city.

This article now includes a 2-page expansion of the Bull Ring Tavern, located in the cellar of a nondescript warehouse in the Kobar District, home to many of Shiran's poorer residents. Although most popular with ordinary folk, the Bull Ring is also frequented by members of wealthy land-owning clans seeking a taste of the forbidden. Some patrons appreciate the poor illumination and the lack of questions as long as one’s coin is good. Some activities demand privacy and discretion. The tavern features a fighting pit, where men and animals fight for the entertainment of the crowd. The Bull Ring is a nasty, merciless place, and is owned by Goril of Ardair, the head of the local Lia-Kavair (Thieves' Guild). 

This location expansion describes the establishment, its proprietor, and the sordid events that take place. Full-color plans of the building are included, along with several adventure hooks the GM can use to bring the location into play.

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