Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Kickstarter - Tome of Horrors: Enemies of the Valiant (TotV and 5e)

Ah, the OGL debacle from earlier this year. It was a scary time. It was a beautiful time. It was nice to see third-party publishers pulling together for the common good. One of the more direct results of the OGL drama was Kobold Press's Tales of the Valiant (even though the seeds to TotV were planted last summer).

Many third-party publishers are still wary of supporting D&D 5e directly, but with Tales of the Valiant, they can support 5e and a capable system that they will never lose access to.

Which brings us to Tome of Horrors: Enemies of the Valiant. Written for both TotV and 5e, Enemies of the Valiant brings creatures from recent Frog God Games and Necromancer Games releases (as well as totally new adversaries) under a single cover. PDF is 25 bucks, Hardcover is 45 (POD is available for overseas backers)

In our latest bestiary, Frog God Games and Necromancer Games brings a host of creatures to Core Fantasy Roleplaying, the new 5e-compatible system from Kobold Press.  This massive collection of more than 200 creatures includes several thematic sections, including class-based characters (NPCs), Winter Holiday Specials, and creatures from Tehuatl (a South American-themed locale), along with the main volume of creatures large and small (and gargantuan and …).  None of these creatures have been published in our previous Tome of Horrors collections, and all are freshly written using the most updated guidelines from the Core Fantasy Roleplaying ruleset provided by Kobold Press.

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