Friday, August 18, 2023

GameFound - Fighting Fantasy Adventures: The Warlock Of Firetop Mountain And Other Stories

I have some very fond memories of the original Fighting Fantasy books. It was like endless quest books with random elements, hit points, and combat. It added a certain depth that one didn't get from most of the "choose your own adventure" style of fiction gaming (is that a thing?).

To bring back Fighting Fantasy as a Solo and Co-Operative card game is unexpected, but on many levels, makes sense, as it might be the next natural progression for games like Fighting Fantasy Adventures.

Fighting Fantasy Adventures is 30 bucks for the basic box, and 60 with all the bells and whistles. Not bad pricing at all.

A bit in the game play:

Here I'd like to share some of Martin's notes about each adventure as well as some thoughts about the nature of the game.

So this is one box, with 5 (actually 6) games inside it. They have an overarching storyline and you carry items and abilities forward with you. Each one of these adventures will take between 60-180 minutes to play, depending on your dice rolls and choices. So there are some elements that you will know if you play again (just like a regular Choose Your Own Adventure book) but there are also things you may not find on your first pass, you might hit a dead end and fail, you might have TERRIBLE (I promise you, you will!) dice rolls and die and need to restart.

This is not a legacy game where components are destroyed. You can enjoy the adventures multiple times, especially if you play with other people and let them make the choices the next time around. You can run this for your kids, you can lean into the RP element and act in ways that might mean you drive your other party members crazy and mean you miss important stuff. It's really fun to run this as a GM. There is a tonne of value in the box.

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