Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Humble Bundle - Tabletop RPG Resources Bundle by DiceGeeks

Random tables are very much like dice. You either collect them, or you have the minimal number you need to run the games you GM. I am more of the collector type. For me, more dice are more better, and more random goodness is, quite frankly, more goodness at my game table.

The Tabletop RPG Resources Bundle has 32 digital books of random tables for RPGs for 18 bucks (or as low as a buck for 4 digital books)

Embrace the will of the dice gods with this bundle of gamemaster resources from Dicegeeks, designed to help you improvise fun and imaginative scenarios at the table! You’ll get more than 30 books to help quickly randomly generate content for your tabletop RPGs, including the The Great Book of Random Tables and a vast library of spin-offs, covering genres from fantasy to cyberpunk, and a multitude of scenarios, like adventure hooks, dungeons, inns and taverns, and more. Also included are titles packed with GMing guidance, like The No-Prep Gamemaster, full of practical advice for running spontaneous RPG sessions. Pay what you want for this bundle of handy GM tools, and help support Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals with your purchase!

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