Monday, August 14, 2023

Bundle of Holding - Hyperborea 3e

Hyperborea 3e (formerly known as Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerors or ASSH for its prior 2 editions) is the game I own in all three editions and have yet to play - I will do so at an upcoming convention, guaranteed! It reads so well and I know many that speak highly of the system.

Hyperborea 3E is a current bundle on Bundle of Holding. For 12.95 you get the following: Hyperborea 3E Player + Referee Manuals, Atlas of Hyperborea, The Late Trapper's Lament, and the Hyperborea Referee Screen. If you don't own Hyperborea, you really owe it to yourself to pick it up.

Adventurer! This new Hyperborea 3E Bundle presents the 2022 Third Edition of Hyperborea, the tabletop fantasy roleplaying game from North Wind Adventures. Hyperborea, the isolated Land Beyond the North Wind is a flat hexagonal realm hemmed in by the mystical boreas. In the unchanging scarlet radiance of a bloated, dying sun, roiling seas spill eternal over the world's rim. In this land of perpetual decay, heroic cataphracts, pyromancers, runegravers, purloiners, legerdemainists, and sublunary Gnoph-Yikks delve dungeons and ruins, explore frontiers, and plunder gold and treasure.

This new offer presents the two-volume Hyperborea 3E rulebook, atlas, and introductory adventure from the successful July 2021 Hyperborea 3E Kickstarter. Third Edition reworks character abilities, makes spells easier to acquire, streamlines combat, and adds many races, monsters, magic items, and languages. The layout and artwork are new, and the text has been completely re-edited for clarity. (And all older 2E AS&SH material remains compatible with Third Edition!)


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