Sunday, July 9, 2023

Should Adventures Be All Wore Out?

Should Adventures Be All Wore Out?
I'm busier than expected today, just life & work "stuff", but I've been (im)patiently waiting for a particular online auction for an old adventure I want to pick up. This last week I started going through what printed adventures I have, cataloging them, and then putting into storage. A select few I'm going to display (somehow) and I've always wanted to have a big display of every version of Tomb of Horrors from each edition. Maybe it'll happen, maybe it won't.

I have a few old TSR adventures that have never been played. Whenever I look at one of them I'm reminded of an old friend I know I've posted about here at the Tavern (Link if it matters). I still wish I had a microphone handy when he went on a truly epic rant about how about the only pristine adventure should be the one that wasn't sold. Adventures should be dog-eared, highlighted, notes in the margins, maps all marked up.....

.....and I kind of agree with him, but I'm not going to do that to an adventure that is almost as old as I am!

Since most of the adventures I've written were made for specific tournaments, they didn't have print runs, but local copies. I fondly remember taking my outline, doing a preliminary copy, and then marking the ever-loving-sh....stuff out of it. Those notes went back into a re-write and I wish I had the foresight to keep that original marked up copy.

Now I know I'm no Gary, but can you imagine how many people would lose their shit (I said it this time) and the contents of their wallets to get their hands on a personally-destroyed Gary Gygax copy of an adventure? Or maybe his initial outline/notes/whatever his system was? That would be an epic auction, for sure!

I haven't GM'd in far, far too long, but I assume I'll do more like last time and play a little fast & loose by stitching parts of multiple adventures together. I like to have set "events" planned with each event mostly taking place at the player's pace, but some stuff just happens and if the players aren't involved they'll get to see any aftermath, assuming there is one. 

Until then though, I'll probably still be picking up new, or just new to me adventures and not destroying them through play.....

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