Friday, July 14, 2023

Kickstarter - Infinite Archipelago: The Isle of Sedra (The Fantasy Trip - 24 hours left in funding)

I'm a huge fan of Gaming Ballistic, ever since I first laid hands on Dungeon Grappling. It simply showed that Doug was wired into what people want AND can readily use at their game table. Be it for OSE, Dungeon Fantasy, The Fantasy Trip, or his own system, Doug releases top-notch products.

I love fantasy settings, and I'm looking forward to seeing what Doug has put together. I've also promised to run The Fantasy Trip at NTRPG Con 2024. 

The Infinite Archipelago: The Isle of Sedra Kickstarter has about 24 hours left in its funding period as I type this, and it's hit its funding goal, so we should be seeing the results around November of this year. Print plus digital is 50 bucks (plus shipping) and purely digital is 30 bucks.

A setting guide to the land that includes Gwalathar and Ironskull Castle. The major cities and locations are expanded on, and factional alliances and conflicts provided, supporting all manner of adventures, including dark gothic fantasy, monster hunting, labyrinth and wilderness adventuring, and political intrigue.

  • The Barony of Gwalathar: A fertile land surrounded by deadly foes, and a vassal state to the Holy Kingdom of Elazar over the sea. With the baron's soldiers fighting overseas, it's up to heroes to step up, especially with neighbors like....
  • The Duchy of Thorn: A tormented ruler sees conspiracies and threats everywhere. In a land where even the duke's daughter was taken and slain by a vampire, who can blame him? Can his new Monster Hunters' Guild turn the tide?
  • The Warlock Kingdoms: Five petty states ruled by sorcerers and inhuman lords, locked in a bloody conflict. One free city that has cast off the ancient chains of feudalism in a parliamentary revolution. Can it survive?
  • Vixengard: Fabled city of beasts, ruled by a kitsune queen said to be fabulously rich in spices. What ships would dare the long voyage to treat with her? And what of the rumors of dire threats from the Queen of Swarms?
  • The Emerald Mountains: Home to gold, gems … and dragons. There, the goblin prince Rykzaor schemes against his neighbors.
  • The City-State of Tamaz: Sitting on the fringe of the Red Desert and its Scorpion Sands, trading caravans and adventures cross the monster-haunted expanse. Ruins of the ancient Scorpion Empire dot the rugged waste. Its entombed queens and warlords may not be as dead as they appear....
  • The Reaver Coast: Dotted with the ancient burial mounds of the Sea Reavers and relics of times where they sacrificed and worshipped in the strange rites of serpent cults. It is an unquiet place, peppered with treasure-filled barrows. 

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