Thursday, July 13, 2023

Humble Bundle - Classic Swords & Sorcery TTRPGs

Holy crap! This RPG collection just went live on Humble Bundle and it's stunning! Not just OSR releases, but some truly classic D20 era picks.

My OSR picks, simply best of the best, are:

Monstrosities, Dark Secrets Darker Secrets RPG, The Beaten Path series, Gangbusters B/X RPG, Hall of the Rainbow Mage, and a bunch of others. Damn, it's such a good selection!

My D20-era picks are:

Rappan Athuk: Reloaded, Demonheart, Lost City of Barakus, Tome of Horrors, The Bonegarden, Book of Taverns, and a few others.

I'm already in for 25 bucks. 54 RPG releases. Impossible to beat...

The sweet spot of the Classic Swords & Sorcery TTRPGs Bundle is 25 bucks. Unless you need a print copy of Monstrosities, which you can step up to get in print.

Gritty fantasy, bands of thieves & barbarians, and dark necromancy rule in this treasure trove of tabletop RPG resources! This eclectic collection of rulebooks, campaign settings, and supplements explores the pulpier side of fantasy role-playing. Delve into Rappan Athuk, the world’s deadliest dungeon. Discover Wonders of the Ages in the Tome of Artifacts. Stock your temples, forests, and seas with creatures of the massive, popular Monstrosities tome. Get all the digital goods for $25, or double down with the 580+ page softcover edition of Monstrosities for $65—and help support Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society with your purchase!

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