Saturday, July 8, 2023

Kickstarter - Hex Dek, Systemless Fantasy RPG Hexcrawl Cards

To be honest, I thought I posted about Phil Reed's latest Kickstarter already, but it appears I did not. I'm already backing Hex Dek for 50 bucks, which tells you how excited I am to back yet another project from Phil, but the actual post never actually got made. Well, there are 3 days left to back, so don't wait too long to pull the trigger on Hex Dek.

Note: Hex Dek is a purely digital, PDF plus Print on Demand (POD), project. Phil won't be doing any mailing on this one. It also means, if you are backing for a physical (POD) product, you will have an additional "at cost" charge from OneBookShelf when you do order the POD.

Hex Dek consists of 50 double-sided cards:

On the front of the card we have:

  • A seven-hex mini-map. (Each hex represents a two to three-mile section of land. Of course, the GM is free to adjust this scale as they wish.)
  • A short description of one location. 

On the back of the card we have:

  • Expanded information on the location described on the card front.
  • At times, a second location description.
  • A random encounter table.

The cards are completely systemless. There are no game stats at all. Instead, these are encounter prompts that are intended to inspire the GM. They may also prove useful to solitaire RPG players in need of more prompts for their game sessions.

Hex Dek POD is 7 bucks (plus at-cost printing and shipping upon final order) via Kickstarter, but you can back for more to get more. If you are the least bit interested in hex crawls, I strongly suggest you back for the core deck. :)

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