Saturday, June 24, 2023

Kickstarter - Cutthroats & Thieves Card Game

A game where everyone is out for their own selves.

This is the part, right up front, where I reveal any connections I may have with any creator or publisher whose work I highlight in one of these blog posts. I've known Don Semora /Wizard Tower Games for nearly two years now, and Don is about as creative as they come. He has his own printing facility for the games he produces, so he really is a one-man shop. I am proud to call Don a friend.

Victor Dorso did the main game design and he's yet another member of this community that I call a friend. Damn, it's getting to be like I can't throw a D&D 4e rulebook without hitting a friend that doubles as a game designer ;)

Now, it's nice to see that Cutthroats and Thieves avoids the "cooperative game" theme that's been all the rage the last few years.

Cutthroats and Thieves is a game where up to four players strive to best their other players. Using cunning and careful planning you will try to best everyone at the table. While at the same time you will also try to not become the victim of a fellow player.

The Cutthroats and Thieves Kickstarter can be backed for as little as 15 bucks plus shipping, but I went in for the signed poster and shirt, simply "because" ;)

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