Monday, June 19, 2023

Bundle of Holding -The Dark Eye MEGA

I've been following The Dark Eye for the better part of a decade. It looks to be a highly popular RPG in Germany and beyond, I just don't know if I NEED it. Of course, what does need have to do with anything RPG related ;)

The buy-in points of The Dark Eye MEGA Bundle of Holding are higher than most other Bundles of Holding, but you are getting more material than in other bundles. The Player Collection of The Dark Eye is 24.95 for 10 titles, and the GM Collection adds 12 titles for a total of just a hair over $45 at this moment.

Especially useful for players new to the game, this big new Megabundle draws from our two past Dark Eye offers (January 2018 and June 2020) and adds ten recent titles – everything you need to start exploring Aventuria, a rich and believable setting inspired by Europe's medieval lore, forbidding landscapes, and fairytale castles. For just US$24.95 you get all ten English-language titles in our Player Collection (retail value $106) as DRM-free ebooks, including the complete The Dark Eye core rulebook (plus the Character Sheets Pack, Deluxe Character Sheets, Figure Flats, and the free Quickstart Rules); the Aventuria Armory, Armory of the Warring Kingdoms, and Magic of Aventuria sourcebooks; the Aventuria Almanac and Map Set; and the introductory solitaire adventure Conspiracy of Mages.

The Silver Guard adventure for The Dark Eye roleplaying gameAnd if you pay more than the threshold price of $45.29, you'll level up and also get our entire Game Master Collection with twelve more titles worth an additional $137.50, including the Aventuria Compendium (plus its Compendium Figure Flats); the Aventuria Bestiary and Gods of Aventuria sourcebooks; all six colorful scenarios in the 392-page Theater Knights campaign – I White Lake, II Blue Tome, III The Black Forest, IV Green Platoon, V Silver Guard, and VI Red Choir; the companion sourcebook Legacy of the Theater Knights; and The Dark Eye GM Screen with its Inns & Taverns booklet.


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