Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Kickstarter - Groo: The Game Returns!

Bring Groo back to the game table! Sergio Aragonés' hapless comic hero wants your support! And cheese dip!

I've been a fan of Groo since the Pacific Comics days. I've even tried to stat him out as a fighter or barbarian, depending on the edition of D&D I was playing. There is just something wholesomely funny about Groo the Wanderer.

I missed the Groo game release back in 1997. I'm sure there were a lot of game releases I missed back in that era. Well, I can soon fix that mission with Groo: The Game Returns! Kickstarter from none other than Steve Jackson Games. The buy-in is 30 bucks for one copy (plus shipping). I'm already in ;)

Groo Returns To The Gaming Table!

Comic fans love Sergio Aragonés, and they love his character Groo the Barbarian. Now this classic comic character returns in Groo: The Game, a fast, fun card game that plays in under an hour and is great fun for two to six players.

A hit when it was first released, this game has been unavailable for many years. This new release of Groo: The Game includes both the original game and the supplement, with cards illustrated by the great Sergio Aragonés himself and featuring Groo and his friends and foes!


Groo the Barbarian is the classic fantasy hero – brave, daring, and completely brainless. When Groo comes to town, armies melt away and buildings fall. He doesn't MEAN it. It just happens!

In Groo: The Game, players try to build a town without having it stomped to rubble by Groo himself. Roll dice for resources and use them for buildings (which create victory points) and armies (which knock down other players' buildings and defend your own). Groo moves randomly, always with the best of intentions, destroying all that he encounters. The player with the last town standing wins!


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  1. If Whitman is getting any funds from this, I hope/wish there was a way to require them to be funneled into making pencils and other fulfilment.

  2. I have the original game, and the expansion, having playtested it courtesy of Ken Whitman when he visited Germany to attend the con held on my post. Here's a visual for you: Ken Whitman, Larry Elmore, some dude from WotC, as passengers in my "vintage" Austin Mini cruising around a German city trying to find an address....pre cell-phone/GPS days.....


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