Thursday, June 22, 2023

Free OSR - Desert Denizens (OSE, S&W, OSRIC, Basic Fantasy)

Yes, I list four different flavors of OSR gaming in the blog header above, but there actually are four different versions of Desert Denizens.

For a free PDF, Desert Denizens looks to be professionally laid out as well as a solid OSR resource. Seriously, you can't bear free, and don't limit yourself to desert environs with this release ;)

In the harsh and unforgiving deserts, the shimmering sands conceal secrets beyond imagination. The ancient ruins of long-forgotten civilizations offer the promise of untold wealth and powerful artifacts, but they are also guarded by creatures of unimaginable ferocity. From the legendary sphinxes that roam the shifting dunes to the deadly mummies that haunt the tombs of the long-dead, danger lurks around every corner. But for those bold enough to brave the dangers of this harsh world, great rewards await. Magic items of unparalleled power lie hidden beneath the sands, waiting for those who are worthy to claim them. From enchanted weapons that cleave through solid rock to amulets that can turn back the deadliest of curses, these treasures are legendary. But the road to these riches is perilous, and only the strongest and most cunning adventurers can hope to survive the trials that await them.

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